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Quotation policy:
If? you find the product which you are looking for in our catalogue, Please tell us the quantity you need, we will quote you price as soon as possible.

If you couldn't find the similar product you need in our catalogue, please don't worry, just do as following:
(1) Please send us an email with some photos and tell us the metarial, weight and size.
(2) We will quote you price according to your information, if you think the price is good, please send us a good sample so that we can make new mold;
(3) The first product must be confirmed by you before mass production.

Sample Policy:
We will send the samples and catalogs immediately according to your requests. Samples under $50.0 will be no charge, however the freight charge should be bore on buyer's account. Normal delivery time will be 5 days after receiving inquiry. If the buyer can provide the DHL, Fedex, UPS account or the standard payment is transferred to our bank account.

The buyer's delivery mail address must be written in details as room No, street name, city name etc. Some Express company doesn't can't deliver on P.O.BOX address.

OEM Samples: It will be depend on the time of making new mould.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
All the delivered goods will be same as confirmed sample. Should any discrepancy caused by infective quality or short delivery or late delivery, we will be responsible for any claims with offered lawful evidence on sight.